Worryingmind2the worrying mind in motherhood

To love is to bring about a world of worry.

Some theorists believe that a certain amount of worry and anxiety beginning in pregnancy is important in the transition to motherhood as it functions as ‘work of preparation’. In fact, research has shown that some mild anxiety in late pregnancy correlates with a positive adjustment to motherhood. The riskiest cases are when there are no signs of worry at all and when women are overwhelmed with excessive worry.

Worry, like guilt can serve us well when we have creative solutions to our sources of concern. Both worry and guilt thrust us into corrective behaviours – behaviours that allow us to put in place creative solutions to the things that keep us up thinking at night or distracted from our tasks during the day... Read more.

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Perinatal and postnatal depression, anxiety, trauma, distress. Encompassing all the changes after having kids. Contact me for more information.

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Notice how your chld seems to need you the most only when you're on the phone? Baby or toddler wont let you get anything else done, ever? I can help your partner understand this if they don't seem to get it. And I can help you find a way to balance connection and separation with you and your child. Contact me for more information.

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