shutterstock262553708understanding defensiveness

By Elizabeth Neal, May 2016

Relationship expert Psychologists Drs John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman consider defensiveness to be one of the four great warning signs in relationships that predicts separation because without breaking the cycle, couples stay in gridlocked conflict patterns. Exercises in couples therapy involve strategies to remove defensiveness in all conversations.... Read More.


10 toxic mindsets in relationships

By Elizabeth Neal, April 2016

No relationship is perfect and none get to avoid conflict entirely. Yet we know from research into relationship therapy what the deal breakers are and what needs to be avoided for both partners to feel respected. Check off this list of 10 toxic habits in relationships and start implementing better solutions for a more harmonious, enjoyable connection!.. Read More.


Managing conflict with teenagers

By Elizabeth Neal, February 2016

Teenagers face major developmental challenges, many of which have been occurring well before parents actually notice them. Changes occur on biological, physiological, sexual and cognitive levels. This is a time where they master the ability to think in abstract, creative and critical ways. It’s a time where the formation of self-identity and individuation occurs... Read More.

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